• Redaksi Tim



Asalamualaikum Wr.Wb, Good afternoon and welcome to the THIRD INTERNATIONAL NURSING CONFERENCE.

 First of all I would like to thank Allah SWT, God Almighty for the blessing of our conference today.


In this opening remark I want to welcome

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Orapan Thosingha from Mahidol University, Thailand;
  • Khortimas YOK Nursing Team Supervisor from Cambodia;
  • Dr. Budi Anna Keliat, SKp, MAppSc from Universitas Indonesia;
  • Masfuri, SKp, MN from Nurse Assosiation of Emergency and Disaster - Indonesia;


I also would like to thank

  • The Chairman of PPNI, the Indonesian Nursing Profession Organization, today represented by Mister Masfuri SKp. MN as The Chairman of the Foreign Affair Division in PPNI.
  • The Chairman of AIPViKI, The Association of Nursing Academic in Jakarta Mrs Sylvia M.Kep
  • The Chairman of YARSI Foundation Dr. Jurnalis for the outstanding venue here in Arr-Rahman Auditorium.


And last but not least to

  • The Directors of all four Nursing Academic ; PELNI; KERIS HUSADA; CIKINI and PASAR REBO Nursing Academy for the partnership in holding this important seminar.

The purpose of the second Nursing International Seminar is to give global insights and knowledge of the newest development in Nursing Higher Education.


Aside from that, it is also a responsibility of Private Higher Education Institutions to develop themselves not only in National but also International Scope.


Hopefully, all 900 (nine hundred) participants from Indonesia and abroad will have a fruitful seminar with our Guest Speakers and the Oral Presentation from four Nursing Academies. 


This event shall open a way for other international activities such as student exchange, lecturer exchange and joint research.  We humbly wait for the invitations from Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.


Last but not least, please forgive all the mishaps to motivate us to be better in the future.